Why Join Databricks Partner Kickoff?

Databricks is leading the movement in data and AI, simplifying data, analytics and AI on one lakehouse platform. As we look ahead, FY23 marks an important inflection point. More than ever, our success depends on our ability to scale and we can’t do this without our partners.

So let’s kickoff our best year yet. This year’s Partner Kickoff includes:


  • Keynote by the Databricks founding and executive team to share our company direction and vision, partner go-to-market investments, and latest product innovations.
  • Session tracks specifically for Consulting and SI, or Technology or Data partners to detail our partner and field alignment strategy and new programs for joint solutions and integrations.
  • Technical and business-oriented breakout sessions to enable you to identify revenue opportunities, position Databricks, and implement data architectures across use cases and industry.

Partner Kickoff Highlights